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New Project News: The screenplay, "Boundaries of the Mind" has just been selected as a "Top Ten Finalist" at the 24th annual CINEQUEST Film Festival Screenwriting Competition! The winner to be announced on March 9, 2014 at Writer's Celebration during the film festival.  

Logline: After meeting Jesus Christ, John Santo embarks on a mission to save a fallen minister from Satan's control; however, the intentions of a beautiful woman cloud John's purpose.  Shrouded in fear and defenseless, John desperately bargains with Satan to save his daughter's life. 

Tagline: Second guessing a second chance, seconds the failure.

Brief Synopsis: "The Five Day Crucifixion" is a Supernatural Drama about a man (John Santo) whose faith in God is challenged during a "life and death" battle with Satan that leads to him to ask: "Do I remain faithful to God or do I sell my soul to the Devil and save my daughter's life?"

The story depicts John's travails throughout his journey by articulating the concepts of forgiveness and perseverance, and how he applies them to his faith in God.  Told from an autobiographical perspective, the premise of "good versus evil" is woven into John's internal struggles setting the stage for the potential ultimate sacrifice; his soul. 

The 34th Annual Telly Awards awarded "The Five-Day Crucifixion "teaser" a "Bronze" Telly Award for 2013!  Among the 13,000 entries submitted from around the world , the teaser won for the "use of music" category.  

Interview with the Christian Post, "Teaser for Five Day Crucifixion Released"

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